Investing InYouth


By Matt Pritchard

Chesterfield is demonstrating its commitment to growing the future and careers of young people alongside business and the economy by becoming the first town in the UK to declare itself an ‘Apprentice Town’. Chesterfield Borough Council is leading the Apprentice Town initiative, aiming to raise awareness of apprenticeships across the education, business and learning community. Working alongside Chesterfield Borough Council and Destination Chesterfield, we co-operatively developed a large suite of social media video productions that formed an integral role within a larger and broader marketing campaign promoting Chesterfields thriving Apprentice Town initiative during the Government's National Apprentice Week scheme from 3rd to 9th of February 2020. We covered a wide range of beneficial reasons to employ an apprentice from an employers perspective as well as capturing the prospective apprentice's viewpoint through the eyes of current apprentices that are benefitting from the Apprentice Town initiative. In a nutshell, our video production content ranges from 'Top 5 Reasons: Employ an apprentice' flagship long-form campaign videos where the massage concentrates on the benefits of employing an apprentice, through to offering guidance to young people with content focused on 'Top Five Tips...' as well as abridged social media stings and short-form content marketing videos for various platforms. Below are some of our favourite videos from the marketing suite. You can check out Destination Chesterfield YouTube channel (here), or read up about the initiative on Chesterfield Borough Council's website (here). If you want to see more of our video production projects we have worked on with Destination Chesterfield and Chesterfield Borough Council, you can find them here.


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