A BoldConstruction


By Phil McDonald

We've been working together with Tom and Bakewell Construction to produce a body of work (ranging from brand identity, marketing materials to website design) that would give the company a contemporary look and feel as well as developing stationery and digital structures to help the company attract new and varied business as well as demonstrate growth and evolution to his existing clients. Our design response has to work hard to appeal to a wide range of clients/customers whilst remaining true to Tom's core values and vision for the company. So far we have developed an adaptable brand identity segmented for two markets: Consumer and Commercial, inward stationery templates, digital signatures through to email and domain hosting as well as print-related adverts and a temporary holding website. Soon, we will accompany this solid foundation with a new flagship website. If you like the look of our Bakewell Construction brand identity and want to check out more of our print and design projects, you can find more here.

Consumer Brand Identity

Commercial Brand Identity

Bakewell Construction brand identity and marketing materials
Bakewell Construction Commercial Identity


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