By Defeye Team

With £1 billion of investment opportunities underway, We were commissioned to produce a suite of film production content for the Invest In Chesterfield Campaign highlighting Chesterfield’s investment potential, which included a flagship profile video, individual business case studies, and short social media featurettes.Destination Chesterfield deliver a number of marketing campaigns that are helping to improve the economic prosperity of Chesterfield by promoting it as a contemporary destination to inward investors and supporting existing businesses. All content features a number of businesses from the leisure, retail, manufacturing, and logistics sectors, highlighting the key benefits of being based in the Borough.

Punching AboveIt's Weight

Chesterfield is not your typical market town. It is a town that punches above its weight, it is a place full of enticing opportunities, beautiful landscapes and it is a melting pot of hope, prosperity and growth — Our flagship video for the Invest In Chesterfield campaign captures these sentiments and demonstrates what makes Chesterfield an attractive proposition for business, lifestyle and education.

The HeartOf Success

To bring the project into focus we created individual case study videos for a range of companies at the heart of Chesterfield's success — Ferdinand Bilstein, Northern Tea Merchants, United Cast Bars Ltd, Bottle & Thyme and MSE Hiller are amongst those who feature. In each case study the business owner's address the important benefits of Chesterfield’s connectivity, productivity, lifestyle and education offer.