A New Year,A New Website


By Phil McDonald

It has taken a while, but our new site is finally here. We were painfully aware that we had outgrown our old website — changing something that is fundamental to our companies success seemed to be quite a daunting task — but we told ourselves not to be afraid. But alas, we are finally here and the future is exciting, although there is still plenty more projects to add to our main portfolio section (here). We have stripped away the bloat and focused on stylised image content and large statement typography that makes for a visually rich experience. We have and will continue to place our most prized projects within our 'work' section whereas in our 'journal' section you will find news articles and archived projects that we are still more than proud to show off. Our next challenege is to re-populate content across our social media channels and continue to develop our new site with a coherant and consistent style that will reflect our growth and maturity as a business and as a team of creatives. Have a look around the new website and keep checking for new projects — You can drop us a line if you like what you see, and we can get collaborating on your next project together!


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