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After a life-changing event, Annie French immersed herself within the art world, discovering her passion for textile design and love of research. We art directed, designed and built Annie's brand identity, portfolio website and portfolio photography. With a visual focus on information-archiving whilst representing an editorial approach to archives/archival in an online environment, we layered up the web design with colour, texture and imagery to create a visual language reflecting the physical nature of a tangible archive/library environment.

A Multi-LayeredArchive

Outcome — Website Design

Annie's current work has developed into 3D moveable structures, based on Laban’s movement theory, combined with the inspiration of revealing the contents of archives — This was our focus for the visual direction. An archive is a multi-layered collection of historical documents or records and this is no different to Annie's portfolio and body of work that she has generated. The web design features overlapping layers of colour with imagery and typography taking centre stage sensibly signposted by a numerical system for categorisation and wayfinding. This layered function-first design communicates and showcases Annie's current work while making it easy for users to find the their way around the website. The site is device responsive, with layouts and information availability optimised for a range screen sizes.

Balance &Poise

Outcome — Photography

We partnered with our friends, Captur Photography, to help us shoot the photography for Annie's portfolio. We used a studio setup to photograph small 3D Laban inspired artworks as well as large-format 3D moveable structures based on Laban’s movement theory — Showcasing movement, balance and poise.



The layered function-first design website and brand coupled with a slew of studio based photography showcases Annie French's portfolio with balance and poise. Annie's work forms part of Manchester School of Arts Degree show — Find out more here.


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