The Wonder &The Light

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Through a new light installation, artist Charles Monkhouse has devised a way to replicate a Brocken Spectre, a naturally occurring phenomenon considered to be the origin of the halo, at Rievaulx Abbey. A four-day event, An Evening of Light and Sound, took place during Holy Week at the spiritual ruins of Rievaulx Abbey. We had the opportunity to break down the science and symbolism of a Spectre by framing Richard Davey's essay and Charles’ past project work, through development and design of a memento focused case-study book.

Book Design — Brocken Spectre

Brocken Spectre Front Cover

Wisdom &Perception

Outcome — Book Design

A large percentage of the book revolves around a Richard Davey essay addressing Brocken Spectres, where he challenges conventional wisdom and perception of this natural spectacle. Our approach, in terms of structuring content, utilised traditional layout techniques with a focus on format and scale. Uniform sized water droplets are integral for the form and makeup of a natural spectre, as well as naturally occuring colours. We used this form to create a grid of uniform laser cut holes to diffuse the colour and shape of a set-peice image, in turn making a statement reflecting the spectre process.


Outcome — Photography

The book features experiment-based spectre photography by Carl Whitham, as well as photography from past projects by David White.



The layered book design coupled with a stunning location based photography demonstrates how a natural phenomenom can be created in a man made environment and documented within a traditional yet trusted format — and in spectacular fashion.


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