Capturing FirstClass Education

Film ProductionAnimationSocial Media Content

We have been working with Chesterfield College for a number of years to produce a coherent and unified collection of video content, animation and social media content that communicates with current and potential students, stakeholders and external suppliers and providers. The ongoing brief asks us to create aesthetically exciting accompaniments to capture and enhance the student experience on various online platforms. Each project has its own brief that is decided by the college's marketing department — whereas we manage the storyboarding and narrative process, department and staff liaison, production process through to editing and pre/post-production.

Core Values &Brand Message

Marketing & Awareness

The main focal point of our content is bringing the heart and soul of Chesterfield College to the forefront. Representing the student experience in a way that young people can identify with, fulfilling the institutions' objectives and remaining true to the College's core values and brand message. We've broken down the content we produce into three distinct categories; social media, main site & support. We've created style variations to sit within those different categories, with content created for social media platforms to included staff profiles, student activities and events coverage. We've considered that content created for the main site needs to be narrative-led with a sense of personability.

Measuring TheSuccess

In Summary

The success so far can be measured in the recruitment data for 2018/19 as the college has confounded a demographic dip in available students to recruit healthy student numbers for the coming academic year. The video content we have created has helped to generate over 60,000 views across the different platforms, generating positive feedback from students, staff and other stakeholders (Data — SocialBalde).


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