Reworking anhistoric institution

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Christian Guild is a 125-year-old prestigious holiday institution. We've worked alongside Christian Guild to develop a new visual language applied to an ongoing suite of creative marketing materials that welcomes a new market to experience their first class hospitality and idylic locations, as well as retaining their existing customer base. As part of the new direction, we designed and delivered cornerstone holiday and leisure breaks brochures, print and digital advertisements, photography of all hotel sites including interiors, exteriors and leisure activities, as well as producing promotional film and video for each hotel and location — Culminating in a reworked and revitalised historic institution.

High-Tea At Willersley Castle

Leisure BreaksBrochure

Outcome — Brochure Design

We split our approach into two segments: Segment 1 — Existing Customers’ brochure is named Christian Guild Holidays and this brochure focuses on faith-based activities and retreats. Segment 2 — New Younger Demographic brochure is named Leisure Breaks and focuses on different types of leisure break activities and excursions based in each hotel location. The key differentiators across all marketing materials within the two segments are the use of typefaces, brand colours, mood and tone of imagery, layout, design, selected print finishing and stock choices.


Outcome — Magazine Design

Apart from offering holidays and staycations, Christian Guild offer a range of booking options for conferences. Our conference guides feature the same design traits as all other creative marketing materials and include floor plans, large statement imagery and elegant use of typography. Each guide is colour coded per hotel for differetiation as well as brand considerations.


Outcome — Videography

We split our approach to creation of video content to mirror our printed materials — Leisure Breaks, Hotels & Holidays as well as highlighting a strong family led offering. Each video highlight reel has a strong narrative and compelling visual structure giving the viewer a snapshot of what to expect from holidaying with Christian Guild. We had the pleasure of working and managing the process of capturing drone footage with Drone Photography Services and F22 Aerial Images. No matter what platform you access, there is a strong sense of unity and purpose through out all marketing content.

Hotel & LocationPhotography

Outcome — Photography

We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Captur Photography to help us to build our bank of hotel and location photography. The art direction/visual style of photography is based on achieving the same standard you would expect to see from a high-end boutique hotel, as well as having the visual ability to attract the Instagram generation with the subtle use of washed-out filter based imagery.


Creative Marketing Materials

The evidence of success will be measured by ongoing increased existing customer bookings, new market bookings, a rise in family stay-cations as well as an increase in group conference holidays. We are proud to have produced a broad selection of marketing materials that can reach out to new and existing customers.

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