Reputation& Innovation

Film Production

Dearneside innovates and set the standard for Architectural Metalwork in the UK. Recognised throughout the country for its quality, the company has worked on the largest Residential Commercial Retail and Industrial developments in recent times. We were commissioned by Crush Design and Marketing to create a showcase promotional video production on behalf of Dearneside Fabrications that documented a typical project from technical drawings, to manufacture through to construction and delivery of balconies, structural steelworks and ballustrades.

From Workshopto Location

Process Overview

The deliverables for this project required us to handle film production both on-site in Sheffield and various locations in London, as well as studio based post production. We developed a visual narrative documenting the creation of balconies and balistrades from conceptual renders through to delivery. The finished production provides a clear linear timeline giving an overview of Dearneside's innovotive process.

BuildingBetter Futures


The final result is a documented production for Dearneside Fabrications, fully geared to demonstrate the innovative process involved in design and manufacture. It builds on previous marketing efforts to usher in a prestigious and exciting new era for this South Yorkshire powerhouse.

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