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Organising Data& Statistics

Data VisualisationIllustration

We worked closely with Chesterfield Council’s economic team to create a series of one-stop economic dashboards and data for the Chesterfield economy. Including skills and education, commercial business and tourism, jobs and employment — We designed each dashboard to aid understanding of the local economy, where data and trends are designed to help comprehension of specific data impacted by the local economic environment.

Economic Dashboard For Chesterfield Borough Council

Skills & Education Dashboard

Economic Dashboard For Chesterfield Borough Council

General & Economic Dashboard

ComprehensionOf Data

Outcome — Visual Style

Each dashboard has been designed to be used by a range of council stakeholders, for a range of purposes in a range of situations, as well as being easily understood by the general public. We used data-heavy information and brought it to life with a stripped back branded colour palette, illustration and iconography. If you are interested in seeing more design-led work, click here.

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