New Theatre,New Audience

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Hand On The Tap promotes new writing for new theatre, taking new work into a wide variety of venues where theatre is rarely performed and where local audiences don’t get the opportunity to see live, professional theatre. We defined their visual presence in both print and digital formats in a way that would inspire new audiences to engage in new experiences. We developed a brand identity and logo system, built a self contained website and extended the project deliverables through photography, poster design and related marketing materials.

Hand On The Tap Poster

On Behalf Of The People — Poster Design

Cut & PastePosters

Outcome — Visual Style

The visual language, applied to poster and website design, reflects the writing and performance style you would expect to see at a H.O.T.T theatre event. Visual inspiration from past Dadaists and Constructivists who used photomontage as a way of exploring issues such as economic inequality, lends itself well with social and political commentary present within H.O.T.T's writing and theatre performances.

On Behalf Of The People — Poster Design

Poster Design Series

A Hands onidentity

Outcome — Brand Identity

The logo and identity demonstrates a simplicity that has the ability to communicate the idea of 'controlling the flow of information' of which the company maintains as its core value as a provider of narrative storytelling. Over time, the identity will need to stretch to accommodate new production styles and performances spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

ControllingThe Flow

Outcome — Website Design & Build

To emphasise the quality of Hand On The Tap's writing and production, we created a modern website with a minimalistic style featuring bright tones, scrap book photomontage and a straightforward site structure. Uncomplicated and highly visual, this simple and function-first design communicates the Hand On The Tap brand while making it easy for users to find the content that interests them the most. The new site is device responsive, with layouts and information availability optimised for a range screen sizes.

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