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By Phil McDonald

Regulus Partners is a global strategic advisory business who've supported over 200 businesses in 5 different continents within the sports and leisure sector. We've been working with Regulus Partners over the past months developing a new brand identity, website and marketing materials. As we are in June 2020 we have completed their brand re-fresh and are due to complete their website very soon — Their naming has interesting research links and this was advantageous in creating a brand identity for a tech-savvy brand. For example, Regulus is the brightest star in the Leo constellation and the star was named after Marcus Atilius Regulus. And in the equine world, Regulus was an undefeated racehorse. We pulled these links together to create a minimalistic identity made from a wide selection of custom made constellations that have been derived from their key values and naming research. In the coming weeks, we will have completed the project and we are excited to share it with you all, but until then, we have shared a limited selection of imagery for the Regulus Partners new identity. If you like this project, you may like some of our other brand and design projects — Head over to our project pages (here) to explore similar projects.

Regulus Partners Brand


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