Father OfThe Railways


By Phil McDonald

The lovely folks at S40 and S41 Local Magazine invited us back to illustrate the S40/41 front covers for their April edition. This time around we were tasked with commemorating the late great George Stephenson — Father of the railways. George Stephenson has many important links to the Chesterfield community, although he is most famously remembered for building the world’s first public railway between Stockton and Darlington and the ‘Rocket'. Pioneered by Stephenson, rail transport was one of the most important technological inventions of the 19th century and a key component of the Industrial Revolution. You can read a copy of the S40 & S41 magazine by clicking here and we kindly ask that you visit their website (which is here) and have a look around — There's loads of interesting content to keep you busy whilst self-isolating! You can also check out our previous cover design here. We illustrated Philip John Taylor, better known as Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, the drummer for the rock band Motörhead.

Graphic Design Work In Chesterfield
George Stephenson Illustration & Photomontage


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